Whatsapp Bug “Black Dot” Can Crash Your Smartphone

WhatsApp is inarguably the most well-known texting application on this planet at the present time. All things considered, it’s being utilized by an incredible 450 Million users every day. Nearly people, who have a smartphone has WhatsApp installed on it. WhatsApp users send billions of messages each day. For example, someone sends “Hello” messages or a few trolls on famous people. We can just imagine the sort of messages that are forwarded around through WhatsApp. But, one message that has been circling on WhatsApp has drawn a few consideration, and not for good reasons.

Black Dot

This message says “May you touch the dark point then your WhatsApp will hang”. As well it has been doing rounds on your app. All things considered, as indicated by this message, if a user touches the “Black Dot” then his WhatsApp will “hang”.

whatsapp-Black dot

Now, the news isn’t false. There are a few users who are announcing the app crash when they touch this Black Dot. All things considered, this isn’t some “Dark Magic with Black Dot” kinda thing all things considered. Normally, Black Dot isn’t the main reason to hang and crash your mobile. The criminal here is the blank space after the Black Dot.

“Touching the Black Dot may not hang your WhatsApp, but rather touching the blank space after it could.”

Black Dot Solution

All things considered, when you change over this message into HTML (or Unicode), you will discover RLM (appropriate to-left check). This is a hidden directional designing character that (alongside LRM)is utilized to recognize left-to-right content (like English and Hindi) and appropriate to-left content (like Arabic and Hebrew).

If you use English message, the directional arranging of the character that uses the LRM (left-to-right stamp), but, in this WhatsApp message, RLM is utilized. This character is utilized when you are managing Urdu message that is composed of appropriate to left, rather than left to right, similar to English.


All things considered, as the wrong directional organizing character is utilized here, it’s educating WhatsApp to change the direction from left-to-right to right-to-left, which overpowers the application and at last prompts application crash. This direction change utilizes a more preparing power, so maybe you are utilizing an old Android smartphone, your WhatsApp might hang for some time.

We gave this a shot on our OnePlus 5, but we didn’t see even a moment of slack. That being stated, just Android users need to stress over this, as iOS users aren’t damaged with this issue. At any rate, we haven’t run over any such reports from iOS users at squeeze time.

Having said that, WhatsApp isn’t the main application that crashes with this Black Dot message. A few users on Reddit are revealing that applications other than WhatsApp are smashing when they touch the clear space after the Black Dot in the message.

If any chance that you too get this message, it’s better you avoid touching it and simply erase it. However, you want to irritate your friends and cousins, at that point simply ahead and forward it to them and ensure they touch the blank space.

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