Samsung galaxy Gear s3 smartwatch

Samsung Gear S3 

 Leave your phone behind and stay connected with the 4G LTE Samsung Gear S3 . As technology is improving people find different ways to carry their mobiles. In that way most of the people are choosing  smart watches because of it’s less weight, with variety of new features and it can also be connected to our smart mobiles (Android and iPhones). Surprisingly Samsung entered in the market  with its new  Samsung galaxy s3 smart watch and comparing to other smart watches it has the best features. Samsung Gear S3 Smart watch, comes with  many features  like fitness, emails, and calls etc.. Already in fitness world samsung entered with  a gear fit 2 watch and while Samsung galaxy s3 smartwatch is a great wearable and gives a quick response to your notifications.


samsung smart watch


Surprisingly, the Samsung Gear S3 is quite big comparing to Gear s2. People will really like the circular display on the Samsung Gear S3, and think it looks good, better than the rectangular screen on the Apple, Motorola Watches. However, The Gear S3 looks big but with  attractable features. The Samsung Gear S3 retains the spinning bezel of its replacement or predecessor. You can twist it to scroll through a number of apps, for more reading text, and for making calls. These features gives a  better feel to carry or using a touch screen on a smartwatch. Every small touch or click on the bezel will show that you’ve moved to the next app.

          However, The Gear S3’s mechanism will give a vibration when we get a notification or in working problems. The vibration alerts for calls and messages. The Samsung Gear S3 having 2 buttons one provide as a home and back button, while the other one for selecting apps. The bezel and buttons are all made with a metal. The bottom base of the smartwatch is made with plastic and the strap is made with leather. All of the features have been designed very well and impact of the watch gives you premium feel.

Procedure of Samsung Gear S3 


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The Gear S3’s step tracking performance is to be accurate over a week when we walked roughly 7,000 steps per day. We noted a alteration of total 10 percent across the step tracker on an iPhone 7, Mainly we didn’t always carry the phone in our pocket or wallet when walking around the office or running quick jobs. The Samsung Gear S3 runs with apps available for watch OS and Android Wear. The watch can pair with both Android and iOS phones, but iOS having limited functionality that’s why samsung Gear S3 offers limited functionality. For example, you can’t reply to texts or do anything but dismiss most notifications when paired with an iPhone. You can answer calls via the Gear S3 and that works flawlessly. With this smart watch you will get the full range of featured APPs with a lot more convenient. When we don’t use to take the phone out of a wallet that time it will give best relif to reply a message on Facebook or WhatsApp. Battery capacity of the Gear S3 is also  quite good and impressive.


  • Good battery life
  • Easy to control with the rotating bezel
  • Smooth OS


  • Companion app could be better
  • Dry app ecosystem
  • Bulky


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