Revolutionary device heals body parts by injecting DNA!


Technology is able to heal organs by injecting them with DNA. This process reprograms healthy cells in one part of the body so that they can become a new type of cell in another. The process is non-invasive, fast acting and only takes a second With this technology, We are able to convert skin cells into parts of any organ with only one bit i.e., Dubbed tissue nano transfection (TNT).

nano chip

Theory of injecting DNA

The technique of TNT works by inserting a tiny low pad of nanochips over a broken space. A small current then fires deoxyribonucleic acid into the skin cells, Changing them into the particular building block cells of the other part of the body, like arteries, Or maybe organs just like the heart. It guarantees to remodel the possibilities of patients in want of advanced operation, further more as those whose organs square measure untimely aging.

DNA working


The U.S. researchers and World Health Organization created the technology and it may even be used as a weapon against medicine diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. They believe it’ll be potential to reprogramme skin cells to reap brain cells in an exceedingly peripheral part of the body, like the arm, which might then be injected into the brain. The team at Ohio State University have  successfully trialed TNT on pigs and mice, with a rumored success rate of 98% . In one experiment, blood flow within the severely cut leg of a mouse was remodeled in but every week when the pad reprogrammed skin cells to make tube-shaped structure cells.

The technology may replace some advanced surgery after a fortnight, the leg was well. Researchers attempt to begin clinical trials on humans next year. With this technology, we are able to convert skin cells into parts of any organ with only one bit, The chip doesn’t stick with you, and therefore the reprogramming of the cell starts. Unlike vegetative cell therapies, That means it can be enforced in an associate everyday care setting, like a GP surgery.


injecting nano chip

This cargo, once delivered victimization the chip, converts associate degree adult cell from one sort to a different because the newly reprogrammed cells square measure created below the steering of the patient’s own system, there’s no want for the immunosuppressive drug medicine which will be necessary once a biological matter is transplanted.The technique depends on each nanotechnology-based chips designed to deliver the genetic freight to adult cells within the body, furthermore because the specific biological info which is able to confirm a way to reprogramme those cells. By mistreatment with nanochip technology, cut or compromised organs will be replaced. The skin could be a fertile land wherever we are able to grow the weather of any organ that’s declining. TNT extends the thought referred to as sequence medical aid, that has been glorious concerning for a few time, however, the large distinction is,the deoxyribonucleic acid is delivered into the body.

Component types of TNT

TNT technology has 2 major components: initial could be a nanotechnology-based chip designed to deliver the consignment to adult cells within the body. Second is that the style of specific consignment for cell conversion. This cargo, once delivered victimization the chip, converts associate degree adult cell from one sort to a different.


  • With this technology, people will get new organs.
  • For handicapped people also it will help them to get new organs.

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