Lenovo HW01 Smart Band Launched in India at Rs. 1,999

Screen each step of your voyage towards being fit and sound with this Lenovo HW01 smart band. It goes about as a pedometer, a heart rate screen, and a rest screen, which covers the center zones of a man’s general prosperity.

Lenovo HW01 Smart Band specifications

Lenovo HW01 Smart Band

Heart Rate Monitor

There’s a smart difference between working out and overexerting yourself. This Lenovo HW01 smart band works in two modes: general, wherein you can set the band to screen your heart rate at pre-characterized intervals of time for the duration of the day, and Sports Mode, where the band naturally identifies your heart rate at regular intervals. All the more important, it vibrates when your heart comes to the assigned edge. This is your prompt to back off and go simple on yourself.

Hostile to rest Mode

Aside from observing the nature of your sleep, this smart band likewise has a hostile to rest mode that naturally awakens you on the off chance that you tend to nod off outside of your assigned rest timing. This mode cautions you of focus misfortune or snoozing while at the same time driving or working during the evening.

Lenovo HW01 Smart Band


The Lenovo HW01 vibrates at whatever point there’s a notice, so you never pass up a major opportunity for anything. You would now be able to get alarms on the band when you get a call, message, email, Whatsapp or Facebook notice.

Rest Monitor

A decent night’s rest is vital for one to work legitimately during the day. The Lenovo HW01 gives you a chance to track your deep sleep and light rest so you have a reasonable thought of your rest designs. The band gives you a sign of how much rest you’re getting and how regularly you wake up around evening time.

Social sharing, Selfie, and Music Control

Presently share your well being goal achievements with your loved ones utilizing the Lenovo HW01 smart band. You can use your Lenovo smart band to take Pictures or to control your soud system (music). This smart band is comfortable with both Android and iOS gadgets.

Extreme and Durable

This smart band has been put under a few weight tests to guarantee its toughness. It has been set under 70-degree temperature for 12 hours. Furthermore under short 20-degree temperature for 128 hours so it is ensured to work typically under both chilly and hot temperatures. It’s likewise been through free fall tests which demonstrate that the band is impervious to impacts up to 1.2 meters. And a Vaseline spread test which guarantees its erosion safe nature.

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