How to play Clash of Titans game?


Clash of the Titans is one of the most popular game world wide. This game is filled with most adventures and difficulties for avoiding evils and saving our world. It means protecting the world, Nowadays most of the people are having  interest in playing this type of games. This is the main reason for these games to get popularity.

Story of the sport

In Clash of the Titans, The player assumes the role of Perseus United Nations agency is caught in an associate epic battle between Zeus and Hades. The God of the Underworld Hades summons a military of monsters to destroy humanity, United Nations agency ought to be admonished. Every Zeus and Perseus try’s and obtain the only thanks to stop him, however, not just like the pic. The action goes on  so much the script allowing players to develop a singular story and a singular somebody. If Perseus wins Gods can bless him or lose the forces of hell unleash on Earth and Hades can rule the complete world.

clashing between titans
Instructions To play the game

There unit over 100 mythological monsters to fight against throughout this game. Perseus will travel through totally different environments (swamps, mountains, and even the Underworld). With customization weapons (over 80) he has  to fight against Cyclops Centaurs Medusa and so the mighty Kraken. The sports choices two enjoying modes.


clash of titans


In Single Player Mode, Perseus is leading through the game developing along with his own destiny and unlocking next areas once beat Hade’s armies. Inside the Multiplayer Mode, the player can team-up with different heroes to defeat Hades. There ARE over 25-30 hours of game play inside the only Player Mode and fifteen totally different environments.And to spice up the game play the developer can give DLC’s (Downloadable Contents) on a routine.

The game choices hack and slash combat a variety of the fights ends with gait sequences. The player can use points to upgrade their weapons. In some sections of the game, the player has their weapons removed and should of  fight by hand. The game play choices of frequent loading times. The player can perform every light-weight and vital attacks and should hold buttons to unleash special attacks. The player weapons square measure wielded swords, bones, bows, and scorpion tails. The enemies contain health bars with totally different colors to point owing to proportion health they have left.


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