How does space rocket work?


A rocket launch is the take-off phase of a rocket.Orbital space launch or planet sprawl launches are usually from a fixed ground position, but can also be from a floating platform or an airplane. These satellites enter the space and rotate around the earth and transmit the necessary information to receivers on the ground. This helps to know what is happening all over the world in space.


space rockets


The actual rocket propulsion works only in space. Everything is like a jet function other than one that rocket drives their own oxidizers,however the engines are pulling the air from the environment to compress it, mix it with gasoline and ignite it. The hot flue gas drives a turbine that operates the compressor and then a nozzle. It provides a temporary force due to Newton’s law of motion, i.e, each action has a corresponding and constant reaction.

Rockets also uses Newton’s third law. In fact they also use compressed air and fuel to burn. However in space there is no air, so rocket drives oxygen tanks along with a tank of fuel. Some of these are burned to encourage turbo bombs to pump the fuel and oxidize the burner room where they are burned and thrown out of the nozzle.

space rocket launch

This describes the function of liquid chemical rocket. However there are other forms of rockets that work in space. Solid rockets mix oxidizes and fuel into a solid substances which is ignited and expanded through a nozzle. Ion drives uses electromagnets to short charged particles of gas out at tremendous speeds. These engines just take electrical power and a little bit of gas for propellant.

The rocket expels a mass of burned fuel to create a force. The force produced is proportional to the amount of mass of the exhaust (combustion products) was accelerated.



Hence you accelerate the more the force is applied to the rocket. For example think of you once that you  are floating in space, if you take any substance and throw it away from you very fast, then you will move in the reverse direction, to the direction to which you throw the substance.

And now the shape of the rocket fatigue nozzle has been made or shaped in such a way that it captures the expanding gasses escaping the combustion chamber of the rocket engine as efficiently as possible. Finally engine doesn’t push on anything, its controlled expansion of the oxidized fuel that pushes the engine.


space rocket in space



  • Estimating the costs and materials reduces the loss of money.
  • Testing every part reduces the percentage of failure.
  • Pre-planning for any result reduces the loss of money and precious time.
  • Assembling each and every individual part carefully decreases the percentage of failure.
  • Arranging countdown process reflects the process of perfect planning.


  • Numeral number of testings may lead to heavy investment of capital.
  • Preparing for the failure may lead to reduction in confidence levels.
  • Assembling directly in the launching pad is time taking process.
  • Countdown process is suspicious and increases the anxiety in the pupil.
  • Project failure brings a great loss to the government.


  • This type of assembling process is used in  preparing helicopters, aeroplanes and etc.
  • Pre -planning process is mostly used in many manufacturing units like robotic technology.
  • This countdown process is involved in most of the technologies for implementing perfect timing in their product launching.


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