How DNA can store genetic information?


DNA is an abbreviated form of DEOXY NUCLEIC ACIS and is a molecule which carries genetic instructions that are used in the growth, development, functioning and reproduction of all living organisms and also many viruses. DNA & RNA are nucleic acids alongside proteins, liquids these are most essential for all known forms of life. Almost all DNA molecules include two bio-polymer strands coiled to form a double helix.


DNA of human

Storing information

DNA is a long set of building blocks called nucleotide that appear in four forms called A, T, C and G. This code contains almost all information and is usually considered static. More transient information can also be stored in DNA in the form of DNA sequence. They affect the binding of certain proteins to DNA and thus affect the regulation of how the information contained in the DNA sequence is used.

The genetic information is the sequence of nucleotide’s in the DNA. The sequence is vital because the coding units are triplets of nucleotide’s and trust the three and the order of the three, It is the RNA and eventually the protein that is being made. There are genes that encode non-coding RNA’s that inform, although there is no code parse.

All these complicated interactions of different pieces of information are what make a human being. For example, an early human embryo contains natural human DNA, but if it has genetic and chromosomal abnormalities, it can never be encoded for a full human being and spontaneously decomposed.


DNA chromosome


DNA is a long sequence of building blocks nucleotide’s, which occur in four forms called A, T,C and G. this code contains almost all of the inform and usually considered static. More transient inform can also be stored in the DNA modifications. These are small extensions that are attached to the DNA sequence.

First and foremost by mutation and evolution random changes that are true to be useful are kept as information or random changes that are not that useful at all happen to be orderly through other mechanisms DNA change is explicitly done by special proteins.


DNA maxres


  • These carry their genes of parents to their children .
  • Keeps identity of parents to their children.
  • Perfect number of chromosomes in perfect working stage will produce healthier body.
  • DNA is also used in finding true relationships.


  • These DNA even transfer some diseases from parents to their children.
  • When faulty DNA does not die it may cause severe impact on the body.
  • A small mis-matching may lead to severe problems.
  • DNA profiling is too costly.


This DNA technology is highly used in many technologies they are

  • Finger print technology.
  • Process of cloning.
  • At the time of investigation in some cases to find out the suspect.

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