How To Find your Lost Android Mobile?

Have you lost your Android mobile and are searching for track solutions? Try not to lose trust yet. In this guide, we suggest you three simple ways by which you can find lost Android mobile. You should be signed in to your Google account on your lost or stolen gadget for these following tracking services to work. In the event that you’re searching for alternatives to track your lost Android mobile, you can take after this guide.

Steps to Track Android mobile Using Google’s “Find My Device”

Android mobile accompanies a “Find My Device” feature that can be utilized to find your lost Android mobile. Find My Device feature is accessible in mobile settings, and you don’t have to install any outsider application to get to this feature. May you need to find your mobile, you require access to a web browser, and you can pinpoint your mobile’s area. As well, if this service isn’t initiated, at that point you can’t utilize it to track a stolen mobile.

Enable “Find My Device” in Android Settings

Even though this feature is accessible on most Android mobiles is mandatory, you can download it from Play Store may any chance that you think is missing in your Settings. Here are a couple of ways to ensure “Find My Device” is enabled:


1. Go to Settings > Security.

2. Under Device Administration, tap on Device executives.

3. Ensure the box beside “Find My Device” is checked.

You’ll additionally need to empower local services and history for location tracing the following your Android mobile. To enable it :

1. Go back to Settings and tap on Location.

2. Turn the flip switch on the upper left corner to On position.

3. Tap on Mode. Set it to High exactness.

4. Back to Location settings and tap on Google Location History.

5. Flip to switch on the choice besides Use Location History. Additionally, flip the switch next to your gadget name to On position.

After you have finished these means, you can find a stolen mobile at whatever point it approaches mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Locate a lost Android utilizing the program and “Find My Device”

1. Go to “” from any program on any gadget.

2. Login utilizing your Google profile.

3. You are running few Android mobiles utilizing a similar Google account, select the gadget you need to interface with.

When you select your gadget, you can perform three unique activities:

You can remotely ring the gadget. It will frequently play a sound for 5 minutes, whether the mobile is in silent mode. You can lock the android mobile and show a message or mobile number on the lock screen. The option is one of the useful when you had not set any screen previously. You can totally wipe your gadget. Note that this will erase your Google account from your mobile and you will never again chance to track it. May your mobile have any delicate information and there is no to recover your data from the lost android mobile, this is the best alternative for you.


The most effective method to Locate Android mobile with Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the fundamental Android applications that can help you to track a stolen mobile. To utilize this component, your gadget must be in On state, approach Wi-Fi or mobile data and local services must be On. You can open any program and find your mobile in a couple of steps:

1. Go to Google Maps and sign in to your Google account

2. Tap on the menu symbol in the upper left corner and select Your Timeline.

3. You can set the date, month, and year to see your local history for the day when you lost your Android.

Utilize Android mobile following applications to discover lost mobile

There are few applications in the Play Store that can enable you to find a stolen mobile. They even give a bigger number of highlights than “Find My Device.” Installing one of them is a decent careful step to guarantee that you never forget about your mobile.

Here are three of the best applications for Android:

1. Where’s My Droid


Where's My Droid

Wheres My Droid is a free following application for Android that can enable you to find your lost mobile at whatever point it is out of an area. It includes an emergency ringer that will make your mobile ring loudly when you send a message to the gadget. There is a Stealth Mode that can conceal any message. You can find your mobile by means of GPS on Google Maps and remove unauthorized access by empowering password assurance. There is a SIM Monitor that can inform you through Email if the SIM or the mobile number is changed. The application cases to cause least battery sink.

You can open some additional features by moving up to the Pro version of the application. As well, the free version covers the majority of the basic capacities, and it is advertisement support.

2. Cerberus Anti Theft

Cerberus Anti Theft

Cerberus provides remote control services includes that can enable you to recover your stolen Android mobile. You can remotely control your gadget through a site or SMS from another mobile. It can enable you to find Android mobile, lock the mobile with the code which is provided by the remote server, start a big loud alert, or even take a photo of the thief. The application will send email/SMS cautions if the SIM card is changed. Another advantage is you can hide the app from the apps list so, the thief can’t uninstall the app

Cerberus is accessible for one week of free trial; from that point onward, you have to purchase a permit for your record.

3. Prey Anti Theft


Prey is a wonderful anti-robbery app that is exclusively intended to enable you to find lost Android mobile. When you introduce the application, it noiselessly works while you utilize the online board to track your mobile and actuate activities remotely. By utilizing the GPS geolocation, you can discover your mobile on a guide with precision. In addition, the front and back camera can take noiseless snaps of whoever is holding your gadget. Additionally, it can lock the gadget, set a security alert, or show a message on the screen to contact the present user.

The application is totally free.


Android users must guarantee that they have one of these following services dynamic on their gadget to track it in any chance that it is lost. Likewise, bear in mind to keep your information moved down. Investigate our rundown of best Android reinforcement applications so you never lose your information if your telephone is stolen. We trust this article was useful to you. On the off chance that you have any recommendations or questions, please remark beneath. Continue perusing Fossbytes for more supportive know-hows.


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