Do Black Holes Exist or it is just a theory

Black holes may be anything but empty space. It is a great quantity of matter placed in a small area like a star which is ten times bigger than the sun collapsed inward due to the force of its own gravity. This results in formation of black hole. There is a black hole in our own milky way and it is believed by our own scientists. Most of the black holes were formed by the remnants of big star that is destroyed in the supernova explosion.

A half-century ago, black holes were thought of as little more than bizarre, hypothetical ideas arising from some of Einstein’s equations taken to their extreme. Today, black holes are accepted by astronomers as a basic component of the Universe. Under the “standard model” of black holes, they come in two classes: the stellar and the super massive.

Black Holes

Super Massive Black Holes (SMBHs)

Super massive black holes usually weigh in on the order of millions or billions of times that of our Sun and now, thanks to the efforts of two teams of scientists working independently, there may be a new, third class: the intermediate mass. Although the case for their existence dates back several years, the new findings provide much stronger, although not yet conclusive, proof that such a class of black hole really exists. The only problem is, the standard model just can’t account for such a type of black hole.

The stellar class includes what is now viewed as the garden-variety black hole, thought to be strewn throughout most, if not all, galaxies. Such a black hole forms when the especially heavy core of a dying star collapses onto itself under its own crushing gravity

Our Scientists about Black Holes

Using a pair of X-ray telescopes, Dr. Tod Strohmayer and Dr. Richard Mushotzky at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md, and a team led by Dr. Jon Miller at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Mass, determined the masses of three suspected intermediate black holes.

Black Holes

Miller’s team has measured the temperature of the ultra heated gas believed to make up the swirling accretion disk of material. Which is being pulled in by two of the black hole. Then by utilizing the known inverse relationship between the mass of a black hole and the temperature and velocity of the gas. At different locations within the disk, they estimate the masses of these two black holes. Between 200 and 500 solar masses, making them IMBHs.


Finally, from all the above discussion we can come to a conclusion that these black holes do exists. They are to be concluded legally for that these researches have been researching on black hole.


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