Clash of clans : Top 5 tricks for boosting your game


Clash of Clans is one of the top most game in the gaming world. It is a powerhouse of an app, and  players are as die-hard as they come. Clash of Clans game was  released in 2012 for iOS store and the game dominates the Apple app store. After that, the game was developed by Supercell for Android people in 2013. Clash of Clans is one of popular game, which is quickly climbing the ranks and claiming the No.1 title and highest-grossing app overall. The game twist around the plan of fascinating a base, Defending it from invasive players and their clans, and forage the idea of others, So as to realize resources and begin the complete method once more. The gameplay is addicting, and since work off suggests that feat your base wide open for a raid, the game’s high players keep posted to their screens.

5 tricks for boosting your Clash of Clans game

People who want to get best or 3 stars in Clash of clans and want to win the game with the best score? For those people here are 5 tricks mentioned. Just  follow these tricks and  win the game.


clash of clans

1. Join An Active Clan

One of the various reasons we tend to enjoy online multiplayer games is that the community. In Clash of Clans, it is important to be a vigorous member of a clan with different members enjoying the game as much as yours. Being in Reddit Troopers for the past eight months has been an associated honor on behalf of me, fiddling with some of the foremost advanced war attackers in the game.

2. Use A Chat App With Your Clan

When it involves competitive play, communication is essential. Even though it’s only for fun, it’s nice to own tools accessible to speak to every other. Bindle is an app that you can download on iPhone or android and you can use together with your clan to simply exchange photos, GIFs, and keep track of necessary conversations. Bindle’s difference for Clash is that it’s the simplest image editor and drawing tool of any messaging app, thus you’ll arrange base attacks and chat from a similar app. Any serious group of players in Clash of Clans can use an app for its members to speak.

3. Choose Your Town Hall Correctly


base house of clash of clans


The town hall controls what you’ll build, again and again it will be upgraded. The placement of the town hall in your base and its level is incredibly necessary once playing the game. once you are farming, most times it’s simpler to stay in your town hall in an exceeding corner so players will destroy it before their finished offensive your base. This may provide you with a 12-hour project that prevents different players from attacking you or till you create an attack onto next player. It will prevent multiple attacks on your base; that might doubtless assist you to save resources to upgrade those high-cost structures like an X-Bow.

4. Spend Your Gems Efficiently

If you would like to create  most of your gems, you may be using the boost function of your barracks, spell manufacturing plant, and heroes. this permits you to create troops, spells and cut back the recovery time of your heroes the fastest with very cheap price concerned. One in all the reasons why this is often true is because you’ll be able to get additional loot from raids than the quantity of loot you’d get per gem spent on refills. Renewal storages area unit the smallest amount effective way to pay gems, boosting collectors instead is concerning 2.5 times simpler if you don’t mind the wait. All in all, if you have got cash to blow, refill your storages. If you intend on enjoying Clash of Clans long termm, the simplest place to take a position your cash is in builders, that leads us into our next tip!

5. Spend on builders

Buying builders are the primary and most significant investment in Clash of Clans if you’re curious about using gems to expand your village with efficiency (which you are). To shop for all the additional builders at prices 3,750 gems (250 of that you acquire from the tutorial) this suggests you’ll need to pay regarding the amount. Over the course of a year, this may build a large difference. If player A has 2 builders and player B has all 5 hypothetically if each player unbroken their builders perpetually upgrading structures over a year player B’s base would be regarding more than 250% stronger. Really, you won’t keep your builders upgrading structures and defenses the time with 100%. You’ll truly keep one amongst your builders offered by choice so you’ll be able to upgrade walls!

Don’t neglect just follow  above 5 tricks which helps you to  boost your game and  you will win definitely.

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