Best Features to Improve Your Instagram Feed

Instagram has presented another feature that will give you a chance to keep refreshed with all the new posts in the app. The changes will give more control over their feeds of users. The Instagram organization says that users frequently complaint about refreshes. When they refresh the feed then they get back to the top it means users will lose track of updates. That is the reason, the Instagram company has presented the feature called ‘New Posts’.

New Posts Button

The ‘New Posts’ button is present under tests on the platform and as the name specifies, “let’s choose when you need to refresh the feed, instead of it happening automatically.” Users should simply to tap the new posts button and it will take users to the top of the feed.


The Facebook firm has declared that it is rolling out improvements to demonstrate new posts first in the feed. “With these changes, your feed will get new feed, and you won’t miss the minutes you think about. So if your friend shares a selfie from her tour posts, it will sit tight for you when you refresh.”

Instagram is probably going to work more on changing the feed as the organization has guaranteed some more ‘improvements’ in future.

On a related note, Instagram was seen trying an in-built feature to insert open post inside your Stories. Instagram too indirectly affirmed the feature in an announcement to TechCrunch. “We’re continually trying approaches to make it simpler to impart any minute to companions on Instagram,” said the representative.


The organization even introduces hashtags and @mention to make your account details more vocal for others. Including hashtags and @mentions are simple in the account bio. You should simply to tap on ‘Edit Profile’ area compose a # or @ to see a list of suggested hashtags and accounts in the typeahead. Choosing a hashtag or @mention will consequently include it in your profile.

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