Send Your Money To Account Through Google Pay By Using Voice Commands

Google Assistant added a feature to Google Pay. Users of Google Pay can transfer cash to their contacts or request payments from them by using voice commands. The feature works on Android smartphones and tablets, and also on iPhones. The feature has installed with the Google app in Google Assistant. Google plans to add the feature to its line of Google Home smart speakers in the coming months.


Smartphone owners need to have a Google account that’s set up with Google Pay to handle transactions and have the Google app installed on a mobile device. To transfer money or request a payment, Google Assistant users can say commands into their phones like, “Hey, Google, send Rs.2000 to Mom.” or “Hey Google, request Rs.3500 from Karthik for gas money.” Payments have to be authorized on a smartphone or other device with a fingerprint scan or password and don’t rely purely on a voice command.

Funds sent to Google Assistant can be received by any person in a Google user’s contacts, even if the recipient doesn’t have Google Pay. Google Assistant can guide people without Google Pay on how to set up an account. Google Assistant can send up to Rs.1,00,000 in a single payment, as with Google Pay on Android phones.


The addition of Google Pay to Google Assistant is another step in the search giant’s effort to build a well-rounded digital voice assistant. The company this year rolled out Google Pay to combine services that were previously available separately as Android Pay and Google Wallet. The company also added peer-to-peer payments to Google’s in-store payment app to give mobile users an additional choice aside from third-party apps like PayPal, Tez and etc.


Google recently added voice-enable payments to smartphones before Google Home devices running Google Assistant because of security reasons. Smartphones have the capability to verify a transaction with security measures like a fingerprint or password, while voice command identification for payments is a controversial technology.

In some countries, paying with cash or debit and credit cards has prevented the growth of mobile payments. But in current trend show that contactless transactions are regularly becoming more popular. Especially younger consumers who are more addicted to using mobile devices like smartphones for personal computing. Adding voice commands to Google Pay is an extra convenience, but it remains to be seen whether the feature is a real game changer in smartphone transactions.

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